Friday, 10 July 2009

Gazing at Earth

The Three Muses theme for this week is 'surreal'. This is late because it took me such a long time to get it as I wanted. The background and shoe were OK, but then I needed something else. After exploring chess pieces, topiary and flowers, I finally found these mushrooms which evoked a 'eureka' cry outloud! It's the little

Earth by Alakart
Mushrooms by clix

Texture 63 by ro-stock
Texture 14 by adaae-stock
Boot House 1 by HarleyBliss
Checkerboard by MadGurl-stock

Moon Brushes by Hawksmont
Catching Sparks Brushes by Elizavet
Pixie-fairy Brushes by redhead-stock
Dirty Brushes by KeRen

Foliage brushes by Lady Victoire @


Terri Kahrs said...

Holy Cow and a Big Wow! This is mesmerizing and gorgeous - a true surreal masterpiece, and well worth the wait! Hugs, Terri

indybev said...

What a terrific job of creating a surreal landscape. The mushrooms are perfect...well it's ALL perfect! Thanks so much for participating in our challenge.

Taluula said...

Absolutely superb Ros, so so well done and definitely worth the wait. I have those mushrooms too and I love to use them. Bravo.

Ozstuff said...

A magnificent surreal - so much to see and ponder on. I am so impressed with it and have been back a couple of times more to make sure I haven't missed anything! Great artwork.

Anonymous said...


nancy said...

OH yes!!! Perfect. Amazing.

WildGoose said...

Gently a fairy tale illustration!And thanks for the interesting read on how you did it...

LiveArt said...

This is sooo cool!!