Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Deck of Me, week 1

I have been keeping up to date with Emily Falconbridge's 'Deck of Me' challenge. Find this at www.embers.typepad.com. As I am a committed Christian I thought I would relate each card to my faith in some way. This is from Emily's site:

a class i taught several times last year called 'a deck of you', was creating an art journal on a deck of cards - one card to be used for every week of the year. i promised myself and those in the classes that i would do this every week on my blog for a year, and i would love for you to join in! all you need is a deck of cards (i found funky pink and purple ones in target for around $4), and a desire to give yourself this gift - you can join in anytime.

Week 1 - something you are proud of....

I have 'borrowed' the style of presentation of the cards from Aashilde's blog, as like her, I felt each card needed some explanation. I have also 'borrowed' the art work of Amanda Smith - this was part of the image on a birthday card I received a couple of years ago. (I wish I could say I did it myself!!)
Inks : Fluid chalk Blue Iris

Stamps: Aud's stamps
Extras: MM rub-ons.

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Kathy said...

Stunningly beautiful card this